I work in informatics sciences

I am a project manager.
I am developer, administrator, work on Windows and Unix, databases, web development or shell scripts
I adapt easily to knew problems, and I have worked for 10 years on system platform.

Project Manager

Since 4 years, I perfrom in project leading. That means budget, risks evaluation, check for application and server updates, teams management.

System Administratrion

I have been administrator for several companies ( AirFrance/KLM , EDF , MétéoFrance ), and managed both Unix and Windows Server.


I developed for each of them some web applications, to manage servers for example, or grade and school report

Other stuff...

I have worked for 10 years. I made several actions, as teaching, professional training, managing server, developping application
Here is some others skill


Send me a mail to baptiste.schalck[at]protonmail.ch if you wan't to contact me.
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